Business Analysis

Data Based Decision Making

Loft9 Business Analysts are detailed and exacting. We systematically peel back the layers of information to find the root cause or the core question. We break down complex problems and challenges into simple terms, then communicate easily to technical and non-technical audiences alike.  Loft9 business analysts are communicative and collaborative, and we build bridges between technical and non-technical groups, business owners, and third-party providers.

Business Systems

At Loft9, our Business Analysts are comfortable in business systems and understand interdependencies and architecture.

Data Interpretation

We present data in a consumable and compelling manner that makes sense to our clients.


Actionable Answers

Our Business Analyst consultants seek answers and ask questions testing each assumption to provide easily understandable deliverables.

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Strategic Reset for Social Enterprise

Loft9 Business Analysts provided a baseline assessment, market opportunity research, and a new program feasibility study leveraging pro forma financial analysis including expected ROI, breakeven point, start-up costs.

Improved decision ability with automation

Loft9 identified key stakeholders and reviewed data to improve a mobile operations team’s reporting solution to better support field teams and partners.

Beyond the Numbers

Loft9 Business Analysts are trained in emotional intelligence skills and we invest in firm-wide leadership development training, helping us look beyond the numbers. Because we care and connect deeply with people, we elicit great information and requirements, finding the hidden needs that others may overlook. At Loft9, we work internally with partners in process improvement to understand the business environment and opportunities.