Change Management

Complete Solutions

Loft9 Change Managers build an approach that addresses the whole client system, including the people, the processes, and the organization. Through co-delivery and collaboration with our internal experts, we bring our change results to a higher level. We collaborate closely with our process management specialists to understand thoroughly the “as-is” and “to-be” states. We ground our case for change in deep business analysis and solid data.

Overcoming Resistance

Loft9 Change Managers understand all the other stresses on the organization and how the change impacts the whole.

Change Planning

We apply sound structure and detailed change management planning and methodologies to support the proposed change.


Business Needs

Loft9 Change Managers build a foundation of information and support to create an awareness and desire for change.

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Reducing Customer Support Time

Loft9 Consultants used a people first approach to implement a new training program and guide the adoption of new processes improving customer experiences.

Driving Adoption and Improving Processes

Loft9 Change Mangers led the governance committee to decisions on the most clinically appropriate process to achieve government requirements and hospital-wide strategic goals.

A Complete Approach

Loft9 takes a whole-system approach to change management, leading with people. We help leaders transform people in their organization from resistant foot-draggers to engaged agents of change. We can soften the landing with a well-planned approach and a deep understanding of both the environment and people. We seek to understand what people will be giving up in order to change, and what they will need to make change possible. This creates a people-focused foundation on which to build a comprehensive plan to engage everyone involved.