Managed Services

End to-End Solutions

Loft9 Managed Services provide true end-to-end ownership. Our managed service agreements are structured to improve throughput and reduce cost over time.  On previous engagements we have averaged 7% – 26% reductions based on the complexity of the managed process.  Our managed service teams get the full benefit of Loft9’s project management and process improvement expertise allowing us to avoid the pitfalls in setting up  solutions of any complexity.

SLA/KPI Managed Services

Loft9 Managed Services agreements focus on establishing comprehensive solutions that are managed by KPIs and SLAs.  We measure success by outcomes, not time & materials.

Consolidating Teams

With our expertise, we consolidate, streamline and scale to ensure the best use of resources even across disciplines and departments.

Improving Cost & Quality

By emphasizing internal utilization and productivity in Loft9’s teams and leveraging our firms expertise we are able to increase productivity and reduce costs year over year.

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See our Managed Services Client Stories

Implementing a Managed Service

By utilizing the Loft9 Lifecycle Model, the new managed service team successfully navigated cross-team dependencies and took a deep look at process improvements and opportunities for efficiency gains.

Elevating Managed Service

Multiple vendor companies were operating across project management, engineering, audio, and test functions that supported product localization. Loft9’s delivery of the managed service resulted in improvements across all metrics.

True Managed Services

Loft9 provides a genuine managed service that is dedicated to increasing productivity and improving quality while reducing cost.  Year over year savings and productivity improvements are not just faciliatated by the organization of a Managed Service, the are an expectation.  Loft9 managed services ensure that clients have the freedom to focus on driving strategy and core business activities, while we take on the outsourcing, running and optimization of non-core functions.