Process Improvement

It Starts by Understanding Your Business

Loft9 Process Improvement Consultants deliver elevated outcomes for our clients.  We take the business lifecycle into account and offer an approach to guide the organization towards exceptional results.  With solid foundations in the most recognized process disciplines, Loft9 Consultants bring unique insights to optimize processes and focus on metrics that create measurable business impact.


Business Efficiency

Loft9 Process Improvement Consultants focus on bringing processes in line with the desired state of the business and the business goals.


Helping People

Loft9 places the needs of the people and culture first in every process improvement initiative, focusing on who the process serves.


Process Documentation

Loft9 Consultants pay close attention to the data, telling a story with their analysis and translating that into clear, well-documented processes.

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Improving Processes and Productivity

Loft9 Process Improvement Consultants facilitated workshops to hassle map the current state and existing process and lead the team through exercises to analyze the data and create an achievable future state roadmap.

Reducing Customer Support Time

Loft9 worked closely with the client teams to apply lean process improvement methodology to analyze the end-to-end customer experience and map it back to the training experience.

Informing Organizational Design

Loft9 Project Managers lead a change management process which included socializing recommendations in an interactive workshop, employing a visually oriented communication style and audience engagement activities to encourage participation.

Implementing a Managed Service

By utilizing the Loft9 Lifecycle Model, the new managed service team successfully navigated cross-team dependencies and took a deep look at process improvements and opportunities for efficiency gains.

Improving Operational Team Output

Working with executive leadership, Loft9 Process Improvement Consultants assessed the critical needs and then worked to define goals that would also align with product launch objectives. Loft9 conducted a thorough process analysis with key stakeholders to identify inputs, requirements, actions, and outputs.

Auditing and managing 3rd party operations

Loft9 performed an assessment of the billing service. We worked with the stakeholders to gather requirements for tracking operational issues. This created a clear path for the third party provider to drive issues to resolution.

Collaborative Approach

Loft9 Process Improvement Consultants work hand-in-hand with business analysts to ensure that when goals are established, the data architecture is in place to support ongoing, meaningful reporting. When new processes are established, we bring our change management expertise to bear to ensure that changes land smoothly and with minimal disruption. Throughout, we employ project management discipline to ensure timely, on target results.