To be sought out as the management consulting firm that consistently delivers elevated outcomes and experiences through our positive energy, collaborative spirit, and passion for client service.

Loft9 delivers elevated outcomes and experiences

Loft9 delivers elevated outcomes and experiences to clients by combining highly selective recruiting with a unique Co-Delivery™ model. We know that the best solutions come from expertise and multiple perspectives. That’s why Loft9 consultants actively collaborate with dedicated Co-Delivery consultants on every engagement.

This gives Loft9 clients the most reliable, consistent, and effective team possible—a team based on collaboration, mentorship, and active knowledge sharing. The company provides Business Analysis, Project Management, Change Management, and Process Improvement expertise across the entire business life cycle. The firm is locally-based and serves the Seattle and Denver markets.

Culture Driven

To be a culture driven firm you need to focus on culture at every step. For Loft9, it starts with the very first interview, an assessment of cultural alignment. We’ve created a nurturing environment where people genuinely like to work, where they build lasting friendships and we look to learn from each other continually.


Co-Delivery is our unique approach to consulting that means actively collaborating with—and leveraging the knowledge of—other dedicated Loft9 consultants for the benefit of the client. Loft9 consultants actively collaborate with dedicated Co-Delivery consultants on every engagement.

Associates and Development

We look for accomplished people who are smart and driven, yet humble. People who collaborate. People who solve problems creatively. We seek out lifelong learners who continually look for ways to improve themselves and elevate their client service delivery.

Associate Testimonials

Loft9 associates work in an environment of collaboration, knowledge sharing and mentorship, where each Loft9 associate is supported by the resources and capabilities of the entire Loft9 team.

It’s an atmosphere and culture that elevates everyone’s performance, delivers the best outcomes for our clients and encourages personal development. In fact, we’ve designed specific, ongoing professional development programs that continually expand knowledge, upgrade skills, and improve our associates’ ability to execute. We even provide a training stipend that allows them to pursue their passions and apply lessons from personal and professional development.

Over the past three years, I have grown immensely in my career. I have been given the opportunity to do some great work and have learned a ton along the way.
Loft9 Associate, Glassdoor

I’m continuously impressed by the vast knowledge, skills, and leadership Loft9 associates possess and continue to recruit; however, what’s most extraordinary is the camaraderie that binds us. It’s an experience like no other.
Loft9 Associate, Glassdoor

Management is very clear on their objectives and where the Firm is going and welcomes input and feedback from even the newest associates.
Loft9 Associate, Glassdoor

Leadership takes the time to get to know their employees and there’s a Firm event every month.
Loft9 Associate, Glassdoor