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Press Release: Sia Partners x Loft9

Sia Partners, a leading international independent management and AI consulting firm, announced in March the acquisition of Loft9, as part of its endeavor to boost its activity in the United States.

Organizational Network Analysis – Change Management CoP

Why should we use Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to enhance organizational effectiveness and facilitate organizational changes? Loft9 Change Management Consultants recently gathered for a Community of Practice (CoP) to explore creative ways of applying Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) on client projects.

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Associate Experience: Putting Education to Use for Clients

Earlier this year, a Loft9 Consultant decided to pursue Acuity’s Certification for Change Management Professional. While she had experience working in excellent change management teams during organizational transformations and system changes, she did not have any formal training in change management. So she took action.

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Expanding Agile to All Organizational Areas

The majority of our clients are asking about agile transformations not only in IT, but beyond! We’ve helped national and international clients leverage agile methods in marketing, HR, and product development to name a few areas. Other industry leaders are recognizing...

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What is an Effective Transformation Approach

Many transformation initiatives begin with one specific goal – a problem deemed worth solving. Keeping up with technology trends and inserting a one-size-fits-all solution is not an effective transformation approach. Technology upgrade is not transformation“Executives...

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Agile Approaches to Business Planning

As many of our clients are finalizing 2019 plans, we are hearing more and more about how agile methods and approaches are being built into budgets–company-wide budgets, not just limited to IT departments.  Adapting to Customer Needs The Harvard Business Review...

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