What We Do

What We Do

Our Lifecycle model: it starts by understanding your business.

Our experience enables us to work with clients at any point, from envisioning and planning, to building and deploying, through running and optimization.

This approach ensures a greater understanding of short and long-term needs and helps Loft9 deliver the right disciplines at the right time to consistently produce great results.

We work alongside you to help visualize what’s next. Loft9 brings industry and functional knowledge that complements the strategic planning process.Services

  • Business Analysis: Understand your environment and what drives your business, and create data and functional models to support the way you and your customers want to work.
  • Project Management: Partner with stakeholders to define and align key initiatives with the goals and objectives of your business and drive active collaboration for change.
  • Change Management: Assess the need for change and the return on investment and determine the nature of the change before quantifying how success will be measured.
  • Process Improvement: Partner with key stakeholders to crystallize the goals and objectives and provide a thorough assessment of process maturity to help you think through the level of investment.
Our expertise in planning, requirements gathering, and project management fundamentals helps turn ideas into concrete plans.Services

  • Business Analysis: Conduct an in-depth analysis, define the necessary system elements, and create a short list of candidates who are a good match for your environment and needs.
  • Project Management: Translate the objectives and constraints into achievable milestones with an effective communication plan and risk mitigation strategies that keep your organization engaged and on track.
  • Change Management: Work to understand the impact of change on your full organization and conduct a baseline readiness evaluation before creating a comprehensive change plan.
  • Process Improvement: Conduct a deep analysis to gain a complete understanding of your current state and to identify the requirements of all suppliers, inputs, steps, outputs, and customers.
We partner with you to bring the product, service, system, and process to life by turning thoughtful plans into specific actions.Services

  • Business Analysis: Prioritize requirements, define the initial scope, evaluate build and buy opportunities to coordinate a roadmap and traceability matrix across internal and external teams.
  • Project Management: Create a high-functioning core team and provide a clearly articulated project baseline and work breakdown structure to avoid surprises and deliver exceptional results.
  • Change Management: Form a comprehensive deployment plan and create awareness and training structures tailored to your business to ensure the change will stick.
  • Process Improvement: Facilitate workshops and analyze data to define a compelling future state process and create an achievable roadmap in line with organizational design to achieve it.
Deploying a new process, product, or service requires foresight, unwavering attention to detail, and the agility to respond once you go live. Loft9 is there to lead or support your teams during this critical time.Services

  • Business Analysis: Create an organizational readiness plan and build knowledge and capabilities of your teams through carefully designed training with quantified impact and effectiveness measurements.
  • Project Management: Orchestrate testing, quality optimization, readiness training, and measurement and control plans to ensure a smooth launch with a fully engaged organization.
  • Change Management: Conduct training tailored to your organization’s needs and supplement the knowledge and capabilities of users through supporting material and individual engagement.
  • Process Improvement: Establish an advisory board and baseline state of the process and build knowledge and capabilities of the teams through training and readiness activities before deploying the baseline.
To ensure its ongoing success, a process, product, or service must be maintained in the normal course of business. We focus on operationalizing and integrating the people, processes, and systems to keep it all running.Services

  • Business Analysis: Establish a comprehensive backlog management aligned to the system roadmap and deploy a dashboard to monitor adoption, success, and user satisfaction.
  • Project Management: Establish a dashboard and reporting to identify and correct project drift and ensure consistent quality and operationalization in the new state.
  • Change Management: Form a solid picture of the acceptance of the new state and create a comprehensive plan to identify and resolve issues and drift by correcting course.
  • Process Improvement: Equip your organization to monitor the process indicators, quality measures, trends, and issues and establish ongoing governance through the advisory board.
We seek out and identify opportunities to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Loft9 brings a customized, yet disciplined, approach to this continual fine-tuning.Services

  • Business Analysis: Using the system map, data architecture, and case studies, look for areas of inefficiency, and propose fixes that minimize pain points and maximize time and cost savings.
  • Project Management: Work with stakeholders to determine satisfaction level with project results and define opportunities for further improvement.
  • Change Management: Operationalize and integrate change management methodology into your organizational operations, building enterprise-wide capabilities and programs for future needs.
  • Process Improvement: Through research and analysis, define a target area for improved efficiency and effectiveness and implement a solution along with establishing control systems that ensure continued success.