What is an Effective Transformation Approach

Nov 8, 2018Insights

Many transformation initiatives begin with one specific goal – a problem deemed worth solving. Keeping up with technology trends and inserting a one-size-fits-all solution is not an effective transformation approach.

Technology upgrade is not transformation

“Executives increasingly use the term ‘transformation’ as shorthand for ‘digital transformation.’ But the ongoing digital revolution does not itself constitute a transformation—it is a means to an end, and you must define what that end should be,” says the article, “What Everyone Gets Wrong About Change Management” in the November-December 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review.

Study after study indicates that up to 75% of transformation efforts fail to deliver the desired outcome. True transformation is rarely a quick win. Change management isn’t the careful craft of making checklists. If you really want to stick the landing, it takes time to assess, and then align teams, stakeholders, and clients.

Thankfully there are strategies to speed up the process.

What we do

Loft9’s change management transformation team engages with clients to understand the problems they want to solve. These four steps are often part of that process:

1. Assess. We look into our clients’ existing business models, strategies, successes, and challenges. Is the problem initially flagged the root of an issue? Is there something else, or more? We deliver assessments with candor.

2. Partner. We partner with and guide our clients’ approach with the appropriate tools, resourcing, and strategies. A “perfect” solution is not going to work unless it works for the client.

3. Determine the ideal steady-state. They say it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey….this is true. We also say that the destination (solution) is the journey. The solution must be integrated and supported in order to be sustained.

4. Are we there yet? Once our clients get to the other side of their initial transformation, many find that it’s just one iteration of a larger transition – they are now on track for continuous progress and improvement.

Maintain a competitive edge

Whether industry leaders or early disruptors, businesses today must continuously transform to maintain their competitive edge. The speed of technological and organizational change is happening at a record pace, providing business leaders with new and complex challenges that must be navigated thoughtfully and decisively. Today an organization’s transformational capacity is a true competitive advantage.

We help our clients through organizational, operational, and business technology transformations, we may be able to help you too. Let’s talk.