Customer Story: Improving Operational Team Output


A multinational beverage company was struggling to manage and fulfill requests for marketing materials. Constrictive processes were delaying efforts to go to market – there were frequent mistakes, missed deadlines, and a strained relationship between the marketing department and internal customers. Recognizing the need to transform, the client asked us to help implement an easier, more efficient, and scalable creative request, intake, and design process. Success could be measured with fewer mistakes, maximization of visibility for marketing projects, and speeding up the delivery of marketing creative content.


Working with executive leadership, we assessed the critical needs and then worked to define goals that would also align with product launch objectives. We conducted a thorough process analysis with key stakeholders to identify inputs, requirements, actions, and outputs. Using facilitated workshops, we created a hassle map of the current process. Immediately seeing gaps and inefficiencies, we led the client team through multiple exercises to arrive at an improved, agile future state.
We led the client team through multiple exercises to arrive at an improved, agile future state.




Reduced Delivery Time


Reduced Project Design Time


Reduction in Rework


Error Reduction

Using the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach, we identified knowledge gaps between teams and colleagues. We socialized the new solution, tailoring training to focus on increasing empowerment. This was the key to success for the marketing team – and its customers! At the conclusion of the project, the revised process reduced our client’s marketing material delivery time by 50%. Additionally, the average time spent on project design was reduced by 65%. Projects requiring rework were reduced by 62%, and errors were reduced by 46%.