Loft9 Breaks Ground With Managed Services Offering

Jul 2, 2015News & Updates

Kirkland, WA – July 6, 2015—Loft9 proudly announces the launch of Loft9 Business Services, which offers a strategic mix of technical and run-of-business operational expertise.Business Services compliments Loft9’s current Consulting services (75 associates with a revenue of$13M focused on project management, business analysis, change management, and process improvement) by providing expertise in business process outsourcing, managed services, and technical resourcing. Opening its doors with 25 Associates and an initial yearly revenue exceeding $4 million, Loft9 Business Services is set to optimize and run end- to-end operational solutions for their clients.Speaking to their client benefits, Loft9 Business Services Partner, Ronan Walsh, highlighted that “we started the new offering to expertly focus on running and optimizing business operations. As experienced consultants, we deeply understand the intricacies and nuances of successful organizations. We’ve put together a team that leverages data, tools, and technologies to go above standard outcomes, and deliver an excellent experience for our clients.”Loft9 is well positioned to extend value to their clients and deepen those relationships by providing expertise in both consulting and run-of-business services. Contact: Edward BealsLoft9 Business About Loft9 Business ServicesLoft9 makes the greatest impact in moving your business forward. We are a highly agile and scalable team that drives operational quality and efficiency. We pair expertise in project management, business analysis, process improvement, and change management, alongside deep technical and data-driven skills that allow us to maximize organizational effectiveness and efficiencies.