Case study: Process Improvement Community of Practice – 2018

Nov 30, 2018Insights

Introducing: process mapping

Loft9’s Process Improvement Community of Practice (CoP) has had a full 2018 agenda. The group of associates met several times this year so far – outside of each individual associate’s billable client hours. The group set a goal to focus on learning the basics of process mapping. CoP leads presented material that covered what is (and isn’t!) a process map, the different flavors of process maps, and the steps involved in constructing a process map.

After learning about process mapping in the classroom setting, the CoP members wanted to apply their learnings and put new skills to use with a real client – pro-bono. A Seattle-area logistics startup company welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the Process Improvement CoP.

Putting theory into action

In October and November, the team held two “Learning Labs” with their new client. The sessions examined multiple current state processes within the client’s company and identified those areas with the most opportunity for refinement.

The project provided a forum for hands-on learning for the Loft9 associates interested in honing their Process Improvement skills. In addition, the client participated in sessions and learned alongside as well. The project’s effort resulted in a solid framework the client will apply as they look ahead to streamline and scale their business.

In all, five Loft9 associates participated in the project. Each has had the opportunity to facilitate portions of the process mapping sessions – further developing facilitation and presentation skills.


The Process Improvement Community of Practice served as a vehicle for multiple wins for Loft9 associates and the client.

  1. Learning. Loft9 associates learned new Process Improvement concepts.
  2. Skills application. New learnings were put into action to solve a real-life problem, developing associate skills.
  3. Client collaboration. The client collaborated and learned during the course of three “Learning lab” sessions.
  4. Positive client outcome. The client had a new framework to apply as they streamline and scale.
  5. Experience. Loft9 associates gained valuable and real experience from all of the above!

Loft9 community

Loft9 is a firm where associates collaborate and support each other. Really. Whether it’s on client roles or in areas of interest outside the current client roles, everyone pitches in to contribute to the community as much as they can and want. The result is a close-knit firm community where want to spend more time with each other. If you’re interested in being a part of Loft9, visit our Join Us page to see current opportunities.