Customer Story: Auditing and managing 3rd party operations


The rapid growth of the client’s billing service made monitoring service performance and troubleshooting daily issues no longer scalable, and increasingly difficult to manage. The client needed better tools and processes to monitor and manage the service. With metrics collected from appropriately monitoring and managing the service, the client would be able to improve service performance immediately and long-term.


Loft9 performed an assessment of the billing service. We worked with the stakeholders to gather requirements for tracking operational issues. Taking those into consideration, we moved forward with implementing a bug tracking database. This would be leveraged to easily reference open issues and then generate quantifiable data for service performance. Loft9 established a direct relationship with the third party provider. We partnered with them and designed a way to consolidate and manage the issues. This created a clear path for the third party provider to drive issues to resolution.

We partnered with them and designed a way to consolidate and manage the issues.




Reduced Vendor Headcount


Issues Closed Ahead of Schedule


Increased Transaction Volume

Our managed solution enabled the client to substantially scale back its operational resource involvement and reduce its operational vendor headcount by 33%. The new system and structure allowed for more than 90% of identified issues to be closed ahead of schedule. And the volume of transactions increased by 89%.