Associate Experience: Putting Education to Use for Clients

Dec 11, 2018 | Insights

Earlier this year, a Loft9 Consultant decided to pursue Acuity’s Certification for Change Management Professional. While she had experience working in excellent change management teams during organizational transformations and system changes, she did not have any formal training in change management. So she took action.

Meanwhile in her current Loft9 client role, she was tasked with creating content for a team offsite. The team was in the midst of going through a transformation, and individuals’ level of interest, participation, and engagement in the offsite ranged from none, to fully committed. The material in her Change Management course inspired her to utilize the Change Curve as the cornerstone of the discussion.

The Change Curve refers to four stages that people go through during a time of transformation, and appears as an inverted “U” shape. The stages represent different points in time and emotional intensity during the course of the change. And the stages describe the work productivity fluctuations as a result of where an individual or group is on the change curve.

Leadership embraced the idea of using this topic as a vehicle to socialize the transformation with the broader global team.

The session generated synergy and sparked healthy discussions surrounding the transition the team was going through. Team members had more awareness of their own behaviors, others’ behaviors, and a greater context for where they were individually and collectively in the change curve.


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