4 Exercises Applicable to Any Business Analysis Project

Apr 3, 2018 | Insights

Tracking and managing a project’s strategic objectives and high level milestones is a huge task in itself. Drilling down further and accounting for, and incorporating the smallest of details in a project, is another one. Balancing both is a constant challenge for Business Analysts, and all specifics must be considered for the analysis to be effective. Below are exercises that can be used to help build a strong framework for any business analysis endeavor. Putting time into casting a wide net in scoping and planning initially saves time overall by reducing the chance of project delays and rework.

  1. Thoroughly gather requirements and documenting them is the key to a project’s success – staying within scope and budget, and delivering on time.
  2. Think critically about all of your stakeholders – mismanagement or missing stakeholders could shift the project’s requirements.
  3. Clearly define roles and responsibilities to all project team members before starting on the project – is something is unclear, ask!
  4. Documentation on a project is important, but it goes beyond taking screenshots – capture the what, how and when, and take initiative and include notes on the why.