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At Loft9 Consulting, we’re as focused on the expertise we deliver as on the experience we create. Our clients get fresh thinking, sincere partnerships, and elevated outcomes. That’s the Loft9 experience.

Why Loft9

Why Loft9

What sets us apart?

Loft9 is the only consulting firm that combines a Co-Delivery model with the best available talent.


Every Loft9 engagement includes a delivery consultant partnered with a dedicated Co-Delivery consultant to bring you the most reliable, consistent, and effective team possible. Our focus on active collaboration gives you the benefit of multiple perspectives and insight that really elevates outcomes. All associates, regardless of tenure, participate in Co-Delivery and work with a mentor. The result: our clients get greater outcomes and a continuity of resources at no additional cost.

Highly selective recruiting

The effectiveness of our Co-Delivery model is directly related to the quality of our people. Positive energy, a passion for client service, and a mindset for learning define Loft9. We look for accomplished professionals who are smart and driven, yet humble. We seek out people who work well collaboratively and focus on creative problem solving. We’re all lifelong learners who continually look for ways to improve ourselves and elevate our client delivery. In short, we find the best available talent so our clients don’t have to.

What We Do

What We Do

Our Lifecycle model: it starts by understanding your business.

Our experience enables us to work with clients at any point, from envisioning and planning, to building and deploying, through running and optimization.

This approach ensures a greater understanding of short and long-term needs and helps Loft9 deliver the right disciplines at the right time to consistently produce great results.

We work alongside you to help visualize what’s next. Loft9 brings industry and functional knowledge that complements the strategic planning process. Services

  • Business Analysis: Understand your environment and what drives your business, and create data and functional models to support the way you and your customers want to work.
  • Project Management: Partner with stakeholders to define and align key initiatives with the goals and objectives of your business and drive active collaboration for change.
  • Change Management: Assess the need for change and the return on investment and determine the nature of the change before quantifying how success will be measured.
  • Process Improvement: Partner with key stakeholders to crystallize the goals and objectives and provide a thorough assessment of process maturity to help you think through the level of investment.
Our expertise in planning, requirements gathering, and project management fundamentals helps turn ideas into concrete plans. Services

  • Business Analysis: Conduct an in-depth analysis, define the necessary system elements, and create a short list of candidates who are a good match for your environment and needs.
  • Project Management: Translate the objectives and constraints into achievable milestones with an effective communication plan and risk mitigation strategies that keep your organization engaged and on track.
  • Change Management: Work to understand the impact of change on your full organization and conduct a baseline readiness evaluation before creating a comprehensive change plan.
  • Process Improvement: Conduct a deep analysis to gain a complete understanding of your current state and to identify the requirements of all suppliers, inputs, steps, outputs, and customers.
We partner with you to bring the product, service, system, and process to life by turning thoughtful plans into specific actions. Services

  • Business Analysis: Prioritize requirements, define the initial scope, evaluate build and buy opportunities to coordinate a roadmap and traceability matrix across internal and external teams.
  • Project Management: Create a high-functioning core team and provide a clearly articulated project baseline and work breakdown structure to avoid surprises and deliver exceptional results.
  • Change Management: Form a comprehensive deployment plan and create awareness and training structures tailored to your business to ensure the change will stick.
  • Process Improvement: Facilitate workshops and analyze data to define a compelling future state process and create an achievable roadmap in line with organizational design to achieve it.
Deploying a new process, product, or service requires foresight, unwavering attention to detail, and the agility to respond once you go live. Loft9 is there to lead or support your teams during this critical time. Services

  • Business Analysis: Create an organizational readiness plan and build knowledge and capabilities of your teams through carefully designed training with quantified impact and effectiveness measurements.
  • Project Management: Orchestrate testing, quality optimization, readiness training, and measurement and control plans to ensure a smooth launch with a fully engaged organization.
  • Change Management: Conduct training tailored to your organization’s needs and supplement the knowledge and capabilities of users through supporting material and individual engagement.
  • Process Improvement: Establish an advisory board and baseline state of the process and build knowledge and capabilities of the teams through training and readiness activities before deploying the baseline.
To ensure its ongoing success, a process, product, or service must be maintained in the normal course of business. We focus on operationalizing and integrating the people, processes, and systems to keep it all running. Services

  • Business Analysis: Establish a comprehensive backlog management aligned to the system roadmap and deploy a dashboard to monitor adoption, success, and user satisfaction.
  • Project Management: Establish a dashboard and reporting to identify and correct project drift and ensure consistent quality and operationalization in the new state.
  • Change Management: Form a solid picture of the acceptance of the new state and create a comprehensive plan to identify and resolve issues and drift by correcting course.
  • Process Improvement: Equip your organization to monitor the process indicators, quality measures, trends, and issues and establish ongoing governance through the advisory board.
We seek out and identify opportunities to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Loft9 brings a customized, yet disciplined, approach to this continual fine-tuning. Services

  • Business Analysis: Using the system map, data architecture, and case studies, look for areas of inefficiency, and propose fixes that minimize pain points and maximize time and cost savings.
  • Project Management: Work with stakeholders to determine satisfaction level with project results and define opportunities for further improvement.
  • Change Management: Operationalize and integrate change management methodology into your organizational operations, building enterprise-wide capabilities and programs for future needs.
  • Process Improvement: Through research and analysis, define a target area for improved efficiency and effectiveness and implement a solution along with establishing control systems that ensure continued success.
Service Lines

Service Lines

Management Consultants who speak your language.

We created our service model in the voice of our clients, so we can cut through jargon and get down to delivering results. Our expertise runs across the business lifecycle and has depth in four key service areas – Read More

1. Business Analysis

We provide data, tools and technology to help you access, interpret and use the information that drives your business. Find out the essential questions you need to ask before you can solve most problems, what to look for if you need to hire a consultant, and the one thing you might think you need but probably don’t.Read More

2. Project Management

We provide end-to-end management for a wide range of projects and programs. Find out the essential questions you need to ask about project management, what to look for if you are considering hiring a consulting firm, and one thing you think you need but probably don’t.Read More

3. Change Management

Understanding your culture is the first step to achieving lasting change. We work to develop a recommended path and manage the transition from current to future state. Find out the essential questions to ask when you need to manage change, what to look for if you are considering hiring a consulting firm, and how surprisingly effective change management can be.Read More

4. Process Improvement

We serve you best by leveraging the process improvement method that is most appropriate for your needs. We tap into a variety of disciplines to create a customized and effective solution. Find out the essential questions you need to ask about process improvement, what to look for if you’re hiring a consultant, and the surprising relationship between process and growth. Read More



We’re fortunate to have partnered with more than 50 clients across multiple industries since we launched in 2010. Our focus is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. From Tech to Retail, we’re designing solutions that push the boundaries for elevated outcomes. Our clients innovate and disrupt at a rapid pace. As they drive the future, we’re evolving our expertise in service lines that directly feed business growth, ROI, and future opportunities. We keep ourselves agile and creative in order to exceed your expectations. Your results are our business.

What our clients say:

“Working with the team at Loft9 was both enlightening and rewarding. They pushed us beyond the initial parameters of the project and completed a comprehensive analysis of our proposed business plan. In addition, they created “modeling tools” to project “what if” scenarios in changing market conditions. Professional, honest, and thorough are attributes that describe our experience with Loft9.”

– VP of Manufacturing, global non-profit
“Loft9 associates can connect with VPs and system analysts alike. They adapt, bring relevant skills and get things done with little guidance. Phenomenal.”

– IT Vice President, insurance industry
“Loft9 project managers provide so much more value than managing scope, schedule and budget. They roll up their sleeves and get into the details of the work. That is a real differentiator.”

– IT Manager, regional hospital



Seasoned veterans guide Loft9.

It was President John Quincy Adams who said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Those words are an apt description of our founding partners, both of whom consider a day a success if they have provided this type of inspiration. It is this unique brand of leadership that enables us to consistently deliver exceptional business results for our clients.

Edward Beals - Loft9 Consulting

Edward Beals, Founding Partner

Never satisfied with the status quo, Ed’s role at Loft9 is to explore ways the firm can improve and grow while maintaining its unique collaborative culture. He’s always working to find new and better methods to support Loft9 clients. An inveterate traveler, he’s living proof that there’s more than one way to arrive at a destination – or a solution.

Before co-founding Loft9, Ed worked at Point B, CGI (formerly American Management Systems), AT&T and Qwest. He holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona and an MBA from the University of Phoenix and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He spends his free time with his family, traveling, hiking and attempting to cook dishes from around the world.

Mark Birzell - Loft9 Consulting

Mark Birzell, Founding Partner

Mark epitomizes the Loft9 ideal of lifelong learning. His innate curiosity drives him to find out what makes things work – and how to make them work better. From building effective teams to maintaining harmony across Loft9′s brand, strategy and culture, Mark is focused on getting the best results possible. His work in a wide variety of industries and disciplines has enabled his broad-view leadership style.

Prior to co-founding Loft9, Mark worked at Fifth Third Bank, General Electric, Accenture and Point B. He holds a degree in Finance from Miami University (Ohio) and is Six Sigma Black Belt certified. In addition to competing in marathons, he enjoys skiing and spending time with his family.

Ronan Walsh - Loft9 Consulting

Ronan Walsh, Partner

Originally from Ireland, Ronan came to the US 15 years ago with Microsoft. He has a passion for analyzing and improving business models across both early stage and mature businesses. Combining his leadership and team building skills with his experience working across international organizations in technical, operations, product management, marketing and finance teams, Ronan leads a portfolio as well as supporting HR and account operations within Loft9.

Prior to joining Loft9, Ronan worked at Point B, Microsoft, Corel and ICL/Fujitsu and was also a co-founder of a number of small firms including WebSoft. He holds a B.Sc in Computer Applications from Dublin City University and is both a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Six Sigma Green Belt. In addition to spending time with his family, Ronan likes to mountain bike, run and spend time on the lake. He has completed four Ironman triathlons.

Life at Loft9

Life at Loft9

A culture that cultivates excellence.

Loft9 associates work in an environment of collaboration, knowledge sharing and mentorship, where each Loft9 associate is supported by the resources and capabilities of the entire Loft9 team.

It’s an atmosphere and culture that elevates everyone’s performance, delivers the best outcomes for our clients and encourages personal development. In fact, we’ve designed specific, ongoing professional development programs that continually expand knowledge, upgrade skills, and improve our associates’ ability to execute. We even provide a training stipend that allows them to pursue their passions and apply lessons from personal and professional development.

What’s more, all Loft9 associates are required to pursue professional certifications, such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL or Six Sigma, enabling us to deliver a common approach while building a foundation of high-level skills that other firms simply cannot match.

What Our Associates Say

What Our Associates Say About Loft9

Loft9 Consultant - Amy Jo Stolmeier

The Loft9 family.

I’m continuously impressed by the vast knowledge, skills, and leadership Loft9 associates possess and continue to recruit; however, what’s most extraordinary is the camaraderie that binds us. It’s an experience like no other.

— Amy Jo Stolmeier

Loft9 Consultant - Emnet Yemane

My favorite thing about working at Loft9 is Co-Delivery.

It has helped expand my technical and soft skills in ways that I hadn’t imagined. The combination of one-on-one mentorship and team support allowed me to quickly gain skills that would’ve otherwise taken months. As a result, my client is thrilled and I am working on more challenging assignments.

— Emnet Yemane

Loft9 Consultant - Kyle Granderson

An organization that walks the talk.

Loft9 truly delivers on its promise of learning and development. We have the opportunity to leverage a diverse set of resources to grow in our own individualized way. Our collaborative approach to client delivery enables us to learn from each other and benefit from the collective experience of the entire firm. I’m thankful to work for a firm that encourages us to grow both professionally and personally.

— Kyle Granderson

Join Us

Join Us

We’re looking for outstanding people.

We estimate that only about 3% of those who apply to become Loft9 associates are invited to join the firm. But if you’re the type of person we’re looking for, you won’t let that stop you.

Successful Loft9 recruits are smart, humble, and driven. They know how to adapt their knowledge, approach and experience to any situation. They have the agility to work with a variety of clients, types of engagements, and work situations. They always work to exceed expectations, and they have a fervent desire to keep learning and growing.

Ideal Loft9 associates also have the desire to keep learning, growing, and pushing themselves. They’re the kind of people you can’t help but want to spend time with.

Join Loft9

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